Boge S ECOLine Screw Air Compressors 0.6-4.8 M/Min (21-169 CFM) 7.5 & 10 bar (110 & 145 PSI)

The ECOLine range is Boge’s entry-level rotary screw air compressor. They give you Economy without sacrificing quality, reliability, or robustness. Close inspection confirms a build quality well beyond that of many competitor machines.  You have a choice of three pressure bands 7.5 bar, 10bar, and *13bar.  Available as a stand-alone base mounted compressor or as a packaged unit with a pre-assembled compressor and air dryer mounted on a 250-litre air receiver.  Boge’s unified control system means Eco S control system is compatible with Boge compressor control systems should you need to expand. Boge minimum parts philosophy means there is less to go wrong, with greater reliability.  The belt drive option gives you greater production flexibility, and the cabinet intake filter helps keep the machine in pristine condition in dusty environments. (*13 bar available on special order).