RapidMain Aluminium Profile Air Distribution System

RapidMain Logo Aluminium Profiled Modular lines are the ideal solution for the construction of large lines for compressed air distribution. These systems are based on extruded aluminium profiles (alloy EN AW 6063, metallurgical state T6)85x85 mm with a central hole Ø 80 mm and 115x115 mm with a central hole Ø 110 mm. The reduced surface roughness of the internal passage minimizes the load losses distributed on the line.
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14 Items

  1. Straight Connector
    Straight Connector

    Starting at £44.07

  2. 90 Deg Elbow Connector
    90 Deg Elbow Connector

    Starting at £61.30

  3. Tee Connector
    Tee Connector

    Starting at £84.29

  4. End Adaptor BSP
    End Adaptor BSP

    Starting at £44.07

  5. Reducing Coupling
    Reducing Coupling

    Starting at £239.00

  6. End Line Cap
    End Line Cap

    Starting at £40.23

  7. 1" Outlet Plate
    1" Outlet Plate

    Starting at £31.01

  8. 1/2  Outlet Plate
    1/2 Outlet Plate

    Starting at £49.81

  9. Mobile Anchor Bracket
    Mobile Anchor Bracket

    Starting at £28.73

  10. Fixed Anchor Bracket
    Fixed Anchor Bracket

    Starting at £28.73

  11. Chamfering Tool
    Chamfering Tool

    Starting at £689.64

  12. M8 - M10 Girder Clamp
    M8 - M10 Girder Clamp

    Starting at £2.71

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14 Items