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Aluminium Compressed Air Pipe System

RapidMain is an engineered aluminium compressed air piping system that is strong and easy to install, Its a quick assembly high flow aluminium compressed air pipe distribution system. RapidMain is competitively priced with countless compressed air installations to its name. Aluminium compressed air tube and fittings are now being offered by most installers as their preferred choice. Why? it's simple, both customer acceptance and speed of installation. Blue-chip & small air users with an eye to cost and safety use it because this modular aluminium air piping system and quick fittings are now seen as being cleaner and offer less contamination. They provide higher flow rates than similar size steel piping systems plus it does not leak with age due to rust. Which all runs true to the ethos of increased productivity, higher efficiency while reducing running and environment costs. Aluminium compressed quick to fit, air pipe, tube and fittings allow you to change your air layout almost at will. Gone are the days of the threader, white paste and hemp. With a RapidMain aluminium compressed air system, you simply push the pipe into the fitting, twist the blue lock-nut to secure the pipe to the fitting. It's a quick alternative to threaded steel pipe. Ex-Stock from our warehouse: Buy from the UK's largest stockist, Order today delivered UK wide tomorrow or collect. Specifications: Vacuum to Pressure -0.6 to 15 bar. Temp: range -20 to 80 C.

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